About Us

our mission

We aim for the best possible standard of international education.
We believe that a double degree programme allows students to acquire more knowledge and professional experience and we do our best to make it accessible to everyone.

About Us

The PLATINUM STANDARD EDUCATION consortium was founded on the basis of promoting international education and creating unique study programmes. Our educational programmes are designed to increase the professional level of graduates by combining different study approaches in participating universities.

Our consortium continues to create strong international and scientific connections, helping to overcome cultural differences and other obstacles. By creating a unified information environment, we help universities and students to find common ground. Our students get full visa support, so they can focus solely on education. All of this ultimately helps our students to express themselves freely.

Your wildest dreams will come true with PLATINUM STANDARD EDUCATION.

Our team

Serzh S. Nairi

President Of The Consortium

Aleksandr V. Gorbatov

Vice President Of The Consortium

Dennis A. Vlasin

Chief of University Relations

Olga V. Emelyanova

Chief of Supervisory Council


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