Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, a national research university, established in 1899 to advance industrial progress of Russia at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, today sets an ambitious goal to integrate modern approaches to the design of new technologies that affect the achievement of sustainable development goals in society.

The foundations of engineering education in Russia were laid by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great. The Polytechnic University, more habitually known in Russia and abroad as the St.Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, is proud of bearing his name.

Founded more than 120 year ago SPbPU is now the major school of higher technical education in Russia. Today, the university has more than 33 thousand students studying under various educational programs; of those, 8500 are international students.

Polytechnic University includes 11 institutes, 33 graduate schools , a major research and development complex with research laboratories, R&E centers and Technopark.

The University is based on a compact park-like campus in the residential north-west district of St. Petersburg. Campus consists of more than 150 educational and research buildings, the International Student Campus, 23 dormitories and a major sports complex. Our dormitories are located within easy reach of University’s educational buildings.

University Fundamental Library is one of the largest scientific and technological libraries in Russia and core national library network. The library possesses collection of more than 4 000 000 volumes. Library provides access to wide range of international resources and databases.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has a prominent role in the scientific and educational community of the country and the world, seeking to integrate science and research activity into the educational process.

SPbPU is happy to invite students, professors and staff from all countries to join our polytechnic community and benefit from its diverse educational programs, highly professional faculty, state-of-the-art laboratories, research, and educational facilities, and enjoy living in our great city with its unique cultural destinations and opportunities.


The University has the 11th place among the top 100 Russia’s universities. Our University has always been among the leaders of higher education – TOP-3 among Russian technical universities by number of international students.

Polytechnic University has been in the first 100 of THE Emerging Economies University Rankings for several years. Over the last year, SPbPU improved its position, moving up to 72nd place in the ranking compiled by the British edition of THE. 

37th at THE University Impact Rankings 2020.
SPbPU takes the following positions at subject ratings

  • TOP-175 Computer Science
  • TOP-250 Engineering and Technology
  • TOP-250 Physical Sciences
  • TOP-300 Business and Economics 
  • TOP-400 Education


Polytechnic University is focused on creating a new type of university – university of the 21st century driven by innovation and complex international cooperation between academic foundation, advanced research and industry. SPbPU ranks high in the global academic community. From year to year, the University expands its international partnership network.

At present, it is partner with many academic institutions, research organisations and industrial companies in the field of education and science from all over the world: more than 520 partner universities from 70+ countries including 13 strategic partner universitiesRepresentative Offices in  Madrid and Shanghai, over 100+ contracts with world’s foremost industrial companies, more than 40 joint R&E centers in cooperation with companies.


Research in the University makes up a significant part of its activity. Nowadays SPbPU has 20 dissertation councils, 30 international R&D centers, 20+ small innovative enterprises, 70+ modern laboratories, 200+ industrial projects. The University hosts lots of high-level international symposiums and conferences, publishes tens of scientific magazines and scholarly books.

We are proud of Nobel Prize winners P.L. Kapitsa, N.N. Semyonov, Z.I. Alferov, famous physicists A.F. Ioffe, I.V. Kurchatov, A.A. Radzig, Y.B. Khariton, Constructor General O.A. Antonov, and many other talented and famous scientists had taught and studied here.

Today more than 250 international faculty and top specialists from leading universities and companies share their expertise and experience with university’s students and staff.

University Research Priorities are: 

  • New manufacturing technologies
  • Arctic sustainable development
  • Automation systems modeling and development
  • System software
  • Space technologies development
  • Astrophysics
  • Quantum physics
  • Clinic research and medical device development
  • Generations of mobile communication
  • Oil recovery performance
  • Monitoring and forecasting of emergency situations
  • Communication network reliability and network security
  • Electrical power systems
  • High-performance construction materials
  • Additive technologies to develop new materials and structures

Deep integration of scientific research into the study process results in the high quality of academic programs provided by the University.


Multidisciplinary education allows to choose from a broad variety of up-to-date educational fields taught both in Russian and English. The University offers Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in 50 fields of engineering science, PhD and DSc in 90 research areas. The University develops 85+ international educational programs; a number of them are accredited by ACQUIN and EVALAG.

Our students are provided with such attractive options as to going for studies abroad for a semester or two to our partner universities, on-campus accommodation, scholarships for talented students, and plenty of resources to do a profound research. Our graduates are highly demanded on the labour market and take top positions in such companies as Siemens, Rosatom, Roscosmos, Gazprom, LG, Philips, Boeing, etc.

Polytech’s Alumni are among outstanding world-known scientists, talented engineers, employees of large companies and even countries’ leaders. Polytechnics are among the top 100 most influential people in Russia, have leading positions in global companies, are on Forbes lists as well as among European and world champions.