IPU (Institute of the Pacific United), New Zealand

IPU (Institute of the Pacific United), New Zealand

Institute of the Pacific United (IPU New Zealand) is a private education organisation, situated in Palmerston North, New Zealand. IPU New Zealand offers internationally recognised programmes as International Business, Marketing, Management, Accounting, International Relations, TESOL, Japanese and Environmental Studies.

IPU New Zealand has its 20.5 hectare campus with 12 main buildings, located in Palmerston North, exciting city, surrounded by a stunning natural environment and tranquil rural atmosphere. Most IPU students are accommodated in hostels on the campus.

IPU New Zealand focuses on delivering the real-world interdisciplinary practical knowledges and skills. Students develop their creative thinking, problem-solving, they apply their ideas and strategies, working independently and proactively.

With students and staff from over 20 different countries, IPU New Zealand provides a unique learning environment for its students.

IPU’s New Zealand teaching staff is well qualified and experienced. 48% of faculty members have PhDs.

IPU New Zealand has strong relationships with different overseas and local institutions. IPU is collaborative and well connected, with numerous active and ongoing arrangements with local, national and international education-related organisations.

The Institute is proud of its international environment that let students to benefit from different professional learning experience, out-of-class activities and interactions with local and international companies. IPU New Zealand is constantly strengthening and expanding its international network in order to continue appealing to students and families across the world. IPU has different international connections with Brazil, China, Russia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam.

IPU New Zealand prides itself on providing a high standard of individual support to every student. As an international educational institute, it recognises students as individuals and offers personalised support at all times.

The Institute has a range of well-staffed services to support students, both academically and socially. This includes counselling, medical services on campus, career planning programme and finding employment support. Small classes and individualised support from internationally experienced staff ensure that students achieve academic success and are on the right track to developing their career pathway. Close attention is paid to student wellbeing, and most students are satisfied and succeed as a result.